ONE eye sees, the other feels 


-Paul Klee- 

About me


My name is Jolanda Henskens.


Owner of my own small business Kunstruim. Graduated at the Art Academy as Teacher in Visual Arts and Design (2012).


Currently working at Kunstruim as an illustrator / draftsman / visual storyteller with a creative mind 24/7. 


Creating in any form is just as important to me as breathing. That what I draw comes to life on my paper, sometimes it takes effort but it also often goes smoothly and the drawing lets itself draw. I hope that my drawings and illustrations inspire and touch other people. I want to convey my passion and feeling.


After 12 years working as an HR advisor, I made a total switch to art. I started studying again at the age of 37 and 4 years later I got my bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Design, which gave me a first-degree teaching qualification. I opted for entrepreneurship. And I started my business Kunstruim and taught adults and children in my own studio and gave lectures for larger groupws about art looking at art.


In September 2017 I started making my own work more intensively. From January 2018 I started drawing birds and animals with colorsoft pencils. My recent work is illustrations of book covers and short stories. From November 2018 I worked on a picture book The Journey. This book has been for purcase since 5 June. 2019. See my shop and Instagram. Part of my work is for sale and I am available to make illustrations for stories, books, poems, etc. I also make commissioned animal portraits.  For the prices of my already made work: contact me without obligation for dimensions and associated price. Look for the price list at the menu Work and Assignment.