Free work


The drawings below are series. Consisting of four drawings of A4 format and A5 format. Sold per series and also separately. Contact me for the dimensions and prices without obligation.



The prices below are for one animal. For each additional animal I charge an extra of 25%. I make portraits with polychromos colored pencils from the Faber-Castell brand. High-quality pigments with excellent color strength and light resistance. I draw most of the time on tinted paper such as grays, light brown, brown gray. In consultation possible to choose a color that I have in stock at that moment. Drawing with colored pencil is a labor-intensive process. Through different layers I finally come to a final result. For example, for a drawing of 20 by 20 cm, I need an average of seven hours of drawing time.


The prices below are in euros, including materials. Exclusive frames. The prices are based on one animal without background. 


20 x 20 cm:  € 125

21 x 30 cm (A4 formaat): € 150

30  x 30 cm:  € 225 

30 x 40 cm (A3 formaat): € 275

40 x 40 cm: € 325 


Note: price changes reserved. December 2019.

Prices are excluding list / framing and excluding shipping costs. I can arrange framing for you in consultation. The costs of the list and the framing then come on top of the above prices.

Time: I take about 4 weeks to make a portrait. In connection with other assignments, this may be shorter or longer, we will discuss this in advance. Sometimes there may be a waiting list  Some examples of commissions:



Book The Journey.

Paperback with soft cover.


Since 5 June 2019 my book The Journey can be purchased in my Etsy Shop (24.95 excl. shipping costs). The book has a soft cover and has 93 pages.


It is a story  about a little sparrow who visits my Instagram friends in 43 drawings and 43 related stories! More than 60 books have been sold around the world now (dec 2019); Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands of course. Do you want to see more of the book or buy your own copy too? Take a look at my Etsy shop See the Shop tab.


Other work


You can see my latest work always on Instagram. Check my page: 

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